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Kids Helping Kids

The Play & Care Community

We have created a unique concept where children can help other children simply by playing.

The play can take place either in an active form with our unique fish playing unit with climbing, sliding and swinging or through smart digital playing on a small fish touch screen table.

All the energy created by both forms of play will be measured and turned into credits which will be translated into money by sponsors and used to create more play units worldwide or funds for medical research.

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Our Mission

The goal of Play & Care is to bring some fun and colour into the often sterile hospital environment and make children healthier, happier, wiser.  At the same time we aim to connect kids globally and bring a little comfort and relief by sharing experiences & gathering knowledge about their diseases. This knowledge will be hosted on a member based community platform called “The Knowledge Platform”. Children and parents can communicate with each other here and gain access to an endless source of valuable information provided by a large variety of contributors.

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  • How can children help other children?

    Children can help other children simply by playing and earning credits which will be turned into cash by sponsors. This will directly result in more playing units being built in hospitals worldwide. They can also help by sharing knowledge and experiences about their diseases with others, so that they can understand what they can do themselves to heal faster.

  • Biophilic Design

    The Fish Play Cabin & Table and its environment will be built with a Biophilic Design to create a strong healthy healing environment. This is especially important for the interior of a Hospital, where clean air, the feel of real nature, using natural & ecological materials and the sound of running water can have a very positive impact on patients. We will also create a circular system in which materials can easily be recycled.

  • Hospital benefits

    How can The Play and Stay Cabin benefit your hospital?

    The Play and Stay Cabin offers hospitals the chance to create a fun and vibrant place for the junior patients. It offers active and smart digital play options and a great opportunity to use knowledge and data from relevant partners to create faster, more effective and pleasant health care solutions!

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  • Family Centered Care

    Children recover far faster in a vibrant & fun environment. An environment where family plays a key role, together with the hospital staff. We’d also love to see hospitals appoint a buddy to children getting treatment (Of the same age or older who have had the same condition as the patient) to make the healing process smoother.

  • The Knowledge Platform

    This is the place where on-line digital smart gaming takes place and all the credits earned are registered, so that sponsors can turn the credits into the all important capital needed to create more Fish Play Cabin & Tables or to make medical research happen. It’s also the place where children and parents can find useful and valuable Health knowledge about specific diseases, treatments and medicines used all over the world. Children can interact and share knowledge in video form to help alleviate fears, reduce anxiety and ultimately provide a little comfort to those who need it most.

  • Effective Sponsorship

    We are looking dynamic companies to help create the very best digital knowledge centre possible for the medical sector. Through this information sharing platform we aim to make hospital health care more efficient, pleasant and effective for young patients.

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A warm place for the family

Nobody enjoys being in a hospital, especially if they’re the patient. Imagine a hospital play area where children can become fitter and smarter while having the time of their lives. A place that takes their mind off their situation for a moment and where the whole family can relax and enjoy each others company. A place that not only entertains, but also educates and allows children to help create a better future simply by having fun.

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